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Our followup surveys ask, "How would you rate the entertainment supplied by Fun Fun Fun  DJs?"  What did you like?  Dislike?  Suggestions for improvement?"  
BILL & DENISE KINNAVY: "EXCELLENT. Everyone raved that John was FUN... "What a great DJ". He kept everyone involved on the dance floor. (Ways to improve?) No room for improvement. Great job!"
DANNY & TERRY RISSLER: "EXCELLENT. My husband's son really wanted the Lion King played, so during dinner, he played it. He had everyone laughing when he blew bubbles around Dan & I. Rich bent over backwards to make everyone happy."
JEREMY & VALERIE SCHNULLE: "Loren was awesome. He was energetic & involved. He played all our request & more. Several guests commented on the music & the DJ. We were VERY impressed!!! Tell Loren he was EXCELLENT. Thanks!"
STEVE & KRISTIN WROBLESKI: "EXCELLENT. We liked the way Rich interacted with all of our guests. We particularly enjoyed the "bubble machine" on the 1st song & who wouldn't like the chicken mask? Thank you so much! P.S. We've been recommending FUN! FUN! FUN! DJ's a lot."
JOE & NANCY BEDNARA: "EXCELLENT. We liked John because he was fun, energetic, & really got the crowd to participate. He didn't just stand there; he actually got into the music himself. The polkas he played for Joe's parents were fantastic. At first, everyone was disappointed that we booked a dj. But people are still complimenting us on John. (The chicken mask was great, too.)"
COTT & VICKI LADEWIG: "EXCELLENT X 3. Loren, you were very entertaining & fun! fun! fun! You made us feel like we were the main attraction the whole evening. The dinner music was great & EVERYONE really enjoyed listening to you sing. 'He's Great & he Sings, too!' They also said that you really seem to enjoy what you do. Thank you for making our wedding a very enjoyable one that we will always look back on with a smile & laughter!


 Tinley Park, IL  -  815-469-1214  -
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