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2nd wedding:  Since we've been 'bringing the FUN' to weddings for over 25 years, we know the music (& still have the albums...& cassettes...& cd's in storage.  Now, it's all digital).
Anniversary:  25th, 50th, even a 60th!  We LOVE these because this generation appreciates the value of being ENTERTAINED.  Since we also SING, we can get your guests involved in singalongs & use our fun props for some memorable audience participation.  Need ideas? 
Although our reputation's been built on audience participation, it's your call on how much.  Think about it.  If the DJ is boring when you 1st call, do you think he's gonna be different the day of your reception?  With us, YOU decide how involved you want us to be.  When you hire us, you can use our years of wedding experience to make your day perfect! 
Wedding music:  Our FACEBOOK page has a list (ya gotta LIKE us to see it).  It shows the most popular wedding requests from last year, every decade going back to the '50's + ideas for introductions, Dad/daughter, Mother/son, etc.

 Tinley Park, IL  -  815-469-1214  -
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