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Ask about our discounted GAME SHOW/ DJ combo’s...perfect for schools, fundraisers, scouts, corporate events & more.
Other FUN games that we offer...
“Triple Fun Feud”:  Just like ‘Family Feud’, but personalized to your company, family reunion, church, etc.
“Trivia Showdown” group competition:  It’s table vs. table (vs. table...) where each team works together.  This is just like bar trivia, except the questions can be personalized around your company, church, fundraiser, etc.  The trivia is a big mix, but to make things interesting, we include a tough “number” question. How about something REALLY different like “Trivia / Karaoke” Night?  It’s the best of both worlds & is perfect for company parties, churches, etc.
The singers can choose from our giant library to be the next “Voice” or “Idol” & the non-singers can enjoy Team Trivia!
How about Bride & Groom Trivia for your wedding rehearsal?  We pit the Bride & the ladies against the Groom & the guys.    

 Tinley Park, IL  -  815-469-1214  -
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